An excellent long read on the Police of New York:

Before you say "Well that's New York..." remember that in Calgary Police have made it a regular practice to execute civilians for holding pen knives or driving impaired. While - on the other hand, if you're a cops son and you stab 5 innocent people to death you get a comfortable diagnosis of Schizophrenia and live out the rest of your days in relative comfort. "Alive" in this instance is relative comfort.

An interesting and well written article via the New Yorker:

Which raises a lot of questions, of course. I like to cultivate a healthy skepticism, but some of the evidence, especially the evidence quoted in the article, is quite compelling. As are some of anecdotal reports of Twin Studies which suggest a psychic connection:


There is a point whereupon Skepticism - in the light of so much evidence, even anecdotal, can become it's own form of stupidity. 


I liked this. Spelunking - underground, references to Greek Mythology, Some corollaries with rites of initiation, the subconscious...we've a similar cast of mind, only the author is a little more articulate.

I've come to a few conclusions. Anything underground is subconscious. And very often it's part of the larger mythology of death and rebirth - Orpheus and Theseus, to go underground is to die and be reborn, and we share a few of the same conclusions...


A short and well done documentary on Granger Taylor, the Duncan BC Resident who on November 29. 1980 left behind a note for his parents telling them he was invited to board an Alien Spaceship and disappeared.