Looking for a job, any job that isn't seasonal, that isn't restaurant related, because, all things told, restaurants are a pretty precarious business to be in at this moment. And while the pub's reopened all the safety measures easily double the work load, for half the customers, an abysmal amount of take out...

Time to find something else...

So, checking the local jobs I come across a posting for Psychiatrist. $350-450,000 per year. Holy Fuck. 

And it dawns on me, too late, that I seriously made the wrong career choice. I mean, look at my friends and acquaintances - all of them crazy, every one of them. And I'm always prescribing mushrooms, MDMA, Acid...If I'd a done for a profession what I already do as a hobby I'd be rich. Damn Damn Damn.

This is a classical ethics problem posed to grade school ethics or social studies. Essentially it comes down to this:

Effectively, you see a trolley, or freight train coming down the tracks. If it continues on it's course it will kill a dozen workers ahead. If you take action by moving a switch that trolley or train will shunt to another track and kill only 3 workers.

Do you throw the switch?

Variations of it include - throwing the switch to save the workers but killing your child, etcetera, etcetera. You can go on. Do you make the sacrifice for the greater good?

We're seeing it play out now. This is how it's going. The Orange haired switch master and the freight train is on fire, packed chock full of dynamite heading into the busiest, fullest train station in the world at rush hour. The Switch master has taken the microphone and begun pitching quack cures to the people waiting in the station. 

This is fucking incredible. And signing into existence a "Space Force" and giving out rights to mine on the moon. Wow. This is progress. This is the end. Even "Idiocracy" didn't foresee this... 

I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of this in ways I can't imagine:

in brief: "The Einstellung effect is a cognitive trap that prevents us from seeing better or simpler solutions to problems we're trying to solve."

more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstellung_effect