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After all the hype and despite all better intuition I saw it. Fine.

First of all Joaquin Phoenix does a fine job - excellent job, of portraying the Joker. One can tell there was a lot of mental work and preparation that went into it. The film - well written, well executed - and it made money - a lot of money - off a reasonably small investment, compared with other Superhero movies. 

But, at the end, I don't care. I didn't need the back-story of the Joker explained to me. I liked him perfectly well the way he was. Heath Ledger was a fine example of a Joker, and reviewing the old Batman movie clips, I'm not sure who again is supposed to be the Hero. My money says The Joker. In any event, another super-villain movie the world really didn't need, that brought nothing new or of substance to the Superhero universe but made the studio's a pile of money. Expect more of the same.

Watched this again, 1999 - a much younger Keanu Reeves. 

It holds up well and is still a superb film. Despite the abundant special effects. And what's crazy is thinking how much the world has changed in the ensuing 20 years - from dial-up downloads, technology, monitors, etc - yet despite that it hasn't aged poorly if at all - in fact, arguably, given all the shit films that have been made since - it's age has made it even better. Definitely worth a revisit if you haven't seen it since it first came out. It's from the olden days when studios used to pay writers...

Came well recommended - very much enjoyed, a different premise, but some interesting correlations with "The Parasite", also Korean and much applauded this year. Now - a bit of a meta analysis below - so don't click the read more unless you want major spoilers...