Not what I'd hoped, but a poor film by Terry Gilliam still beats a damned fine film by any other director...

This looks promising:

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As of late I've been binge listening to Werner Herzog on YouTube, the interviews, the stories, they get a bit repetitive. He's an accessible genius, I've seen a few of his films, but he has a lot - the first 3 - Signs of Life, Even Dwarfs Started Small, and Dieter needs to Fly - good, in moments (especially Dwarfs Started Small) - brilliant - he is already in his 20's a master of his craft, and I have to admire how relatable he is - I don't consider him as profound as Kieslowski, or as intellectual as Kubrick, but he's excellent at being him, and it is in a way like comparing Picasso and Van Gogh, you can like both. What is remarkable is his tenacity of will - that he gets things done - whatever the obstacles - and his sense of purpose. His body of work - formidable, and I'll have to take a break shortly - he's easy to watch, but there are a lot of other great films out there too. 

...Something about his narration, his voice, bothers me. But the content is gold. And a whole list of films to see...

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Every day, I am Robert Di Nero in Brazil, tripped up by paperwork and bills, vanishing, slowly vanishing, every day trusting in an indeterminate future, these things, they reassure me.