Bullshit. A bunch of expired listings, landlords who run their ads (same as last year, word for word) as a sort of perverted show-and-tell, never getting back to you, my predictions of abundant listings following the pandemic entirely wrong. 100%. Listings have dropped to a third - 22 or less, from a high of 90+ over the summer, and most ads are just people advertising they need an apartment or room to stay in over the winter. Landlords - few. Landlords that respond, fewer. Today, 10 hours - full - on hold for a potential landlady that has a suite to rent but has to take just "one more call" before she can speak to me. 

Calgary was no great show either, but this is crazy. Nonetheless, I need a place to live. 

The interview, she wants to talk, can I work?, can I maybe run an air-bnb?, can I fix roofs?, paint?, mow lawns?, shovel snow?, do I want it furnished and how much extra am I willing to pay...?

On and On and On...

If I don't find a place soon - possible, even probable, I'm packing up the jeep and moving to Nova Scotia. Or somewhere, not here, this - until I've made my fortune, is insane. And what makes it worse - like in 3/4 of BC - is that a full 2/3 of the properties here - more, even - are vacant all winter, vacation properties held by out-of-towners.

We need to eat the rich, if only to make room for the locals.

I mean, this whole US Election thing, it's like watching them try and change Captains on the Titanic after they've hit the Iceberg. This disaster has been a while in the making. And Trump, sure, all he's done is jettison the lifeboats, but I gotta say, the ship is still going down...

I heard this for about 15 minutes on the radio, then had to turn it off. Incredible, although, really, I didn't expect any better. But to every American that ever bought into their mythology that Capitalism rewards the best, to anyone that thinks they live in a Democracy or that these two clowns in any way represent the brightest, most educated members of their population - well, it should be your wake-up call.

A civil war is brewing, and if Canada had legs we should be up and walking a little closer to Europe or New Zealand, things down there are about to get real bad.

And as scathing as the analysis and news was, none went far enough: The US is done, done, done and over.

Then, the news this morning that POTUS and FLOTUS had both tested positive for the virus - well, fair, but unless their treating the President with his own patented quack cures I doubt it will change things much. So now to sit back, get out the popcorn and await the show...

Pretty sure the Chinese were lying, having underreported by a factor of 40X, but the Americans? Well, always America has got to be #1. I don't count stats in Turkey, Russia, where dictators control the results, or the poorer or corrupt countries of Asia and Africa, South America, or even the UK which despite it's "neo-liberal" worldview is really just another haven for late stage capitalism that makes feudalism look like the golden age.

Nope, this is America.

Today's stats from https://ncov2019.live/data :

I mean, they're so off base they're not even wrong. They've stopped reporting, days ago it seems, to keep the panic under control, a nut-job might think this was a ploy, conspiracy, to create the one-world government, but that is the kindest of theories.