"Negotiated in secret" in itself suggests something's afoot, the The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement has been described as:

"I think in 10 years from now, we'll call that the signature worst thing in policy that Canada's ever done...

"It's a treaty that structures everything forever — and we can't get out of it."


"Instead, agreements such as the TPP are about implementing policies that have nothing to do with comparative advantage, policies that are often designed to lead to higher consumer costs and concentrated corporate power. Treated as marginal issues, these policies are “free-trade free-riders,” coasting along on an unearned legitimacy.

Today, the free-trade free-riders are central to agreements such as the TPP. Take intellectual property. As Dr. Stiglitz, Dr. Hersh and groups such asMédecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders) have noted, greater drug-patent protection would “limit competition from generic drug manufacturers that reduce drug prices and improve access to treatment, and would accelerate already soaring medicine and vaccine prices.”

This isn’t a bug; it’s the point of the agreement."

In Stephen Harpers Canada, people were the slaves to the corporations. You were either rich, or expected to help others become rich. Regardless of the cost. 10 years of shitty government can take a lot longer that 10 years to fix up.

To get a clear (and well rounded view) of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and how it probably doesn't benefit you a single bit, read the following links:

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