YouTube - they're trying to force me to upgrade to premium, I'm being inundated with ads, listening to longer playlists, they've set every one to auto-interrupt, I'm building a list of products I'll never, ever buy.

Christina Applegate in that dumb M&M's ad, I get in French and English. I'm never buying M&M's again. 

Grammarly? NEVER NEVER NEVER. FUCK OFF! ... And it's such a long, painful ad that I have to stop whatever I was doing and run to the computer to turn it off.

Internet Entrepreneurs showing me their flashy cars and telling me I could have one too....I don't want one. The UCP party - LOL, I'm NEVER THAT DRUNK.

The list goes on, and every new ad wires my brain to avoid that product at ALL costs...which, I think, rather defeats the purpose of their advertising as much as it defeats the purpose of my listening to uninterrupted music. I haven't burned my CD's yet, I might just have to go back to them...