This is a new thing and I'm already seeing the benefits. 

I mean, I have an enormous amount of respect for this, and so have been hesitant to try it since my last big trip, but had I when I was here over the winter there's no doubt I'd have been a hell of a lot more productive.

Now, first of all, the effects - well, they're subliminal. They're supposed to be anyways, only I'm unable to cut up the already tiny square of paper into tinier bits, I can get it in half, in a quarter, but after that the little bits, even with the best of glasses, are disappearing, and so I make do with quarter tabs. There are ways to reduce it further, but I'm finding a quarter works fine, given that a full dose for me is somewhere in the tab-and-a-half range.

The effects - noticeable, supraliminal even, you know something's different, you're a little more alert, a little more aware. Perspicacious.

The rule is - day 1 on microdose, day 2 and 3 on recovery, repeat on day 4. Day 2 and 3 you can get a hell-of-a-lot done, it's a bit of a mental cleanse, all the trifling procrastinations and trivial thoughts have been swept away, your mind is clear.

And so, arriving in Calgary late on Saturday night and exhausted come Sunday morning I microdose again. A quarter tab, but I'm so enjoying the effects that I take another quarter. And, while still a low dose the effects are even more apparent. I'm not tripping, there are no fairies and leprechauns or swirling Aztec or Mayan symbols opening portals to infinity, but - I'm substantially more alert, more - acute, my vision is widened and includes the peripheries. The day - beautiful, cloudy, sunny, a deep blue sky, is somehow all the more perfect. A perfect day squared. And watching people - at Beano, at the Midtown CO-OP, I find myself seeing less the people and more the relationships between them, their most exaggerated qualities, the ones they'd most like to project, caricatures of themselves. This microdosing, it immeasurably improves the day, maybe not suitable for work but a fine augmentation to a short visit to Calgary...

I'd heartily recommend this.