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..., and, I hope, if nothing else comes out of this, that we identify the bad actors and take steps when this is all said and done to remove or isolate them. By that I mean the people who purposely don't self isolate, I mean the companies - like the Calgary Flames, that announce they won't pay their front line staff for the duration of the Crisis (their backpedaling later a reaction to public outrage - the cost of their entire front line - vendors, etc - has to be less than the cost of the contract they signed the greenest rookie with!!), the same with the owners of the Boston Bruins, Jeff Bezos, who after slashing benefits for employees then had the audacity to suggest employees pool their sick leave to pay employees who actually needed it, the meat-loving couple of the Okanagan, every single fucking Mother Fucker who overstocked on Toilet Paper, baked beans, etc. There are enough pictures floating around, we know who they are, we can find them. Let go of the Flames, give the same time to volunteering that you would to a hockey team that's done nothing but disappoint you, both you and your community will be richer. Fuck Bezos and your whacked neighbors, they planned to survive this alone, let them live the rest of their lives in isolation. We owe them nothing. Boycott McDonalds - like - dah, a million years too late, who refused sick pay to their employees while subjecting them to unsafe levels of public contact. Airlines and Banks who needed a bailout. Every fucking landlord that needed his rent right-now or you get evicted in the midst of a pandemic. Everyone one of these fuckers, and there's by now too many to list, but compile the list when it's all said and done and isolate, boycott, and shut them down.

Watching it all unfold in real time - it's a train wreck. Senators being busted having dumped their stocks before the market crash - using their foreknowledge of the Pandemic to warn friends to bunker down, sell off shares, invest in medical stocks...shitty celebrities singing "Imagine", when all everyone ever did was imagine they could be as rich and successful as them so they could self-quarantine without fear of poverty, food, rent or reprisals, and throughout it all the US - and UK's - fundamental inability to focus on the real issues that will end up destroying them.

There's the Fucked up Corona Virus tests:

the bailouts for bankers and markets, (and for the senators that didn't get the "sell" notice), the spring-breakers and full London Pubs, and watching the news, the numbers climbing hourly - as of yesterday, 1000 new cases diagnosed per hour, today - ? Who knows. A lot of countries have stopped reporting - the US, UK, Russia amongst them - Russia's crackdown on "Fake News" related to the Corona-Virus, it's apparent - just watching the news - that a lot of countries have simply given up.

And America's optimism - Wow - every intelligent article that says "just do the right thing and you'll be fine" undermined by every living citizen. It's too late anyways - look at the numbers in Italy - a 1% mortality rate can quickly climb to 10% when the healthcare system gets overwhelmed. 10% of the US population isn't looking like such a far fetched scenario right now. About right now all they can do is wait and gather their dead, pile them up in front of the White House so their elected officials can see the tangible results of their inability to take real decisive action. Then - why bother, it's increasingly apparent they don't care...

It would be nice to imagine a positive outcome, a regime change in the US and abroad, but, far too early to say, and the virus so far isn't selecting for the poor.

So I've been trying to get through all the abundant Stormy Mail, but - I've said it before - it can get a bit overwhelming. But the mail lady buzzed again and I can tell she's more than a bit curious as to what it is I'm getting...

The Letter (one of dozens):

A proper mixed-media assemblage (of postcards and photos that I'd sent him...nothing goes to waste!!)

On the reverse:

So I cut it open to show her what's inside: