I'm in awe. I didn't know the restaurant, but - entering it - I do. I've seen articles about it - it's famous, 120 pages to their wine list, wines up to $30,000, $40,000 dollars. 

He's doing it right. There's no shortcuts on decore - on anything - and rarely do I admire a job well done in this industry - but - this is a job well done. 

He's frank, an easy candor, not - I suspect - easy to work for - and he tells you as much - but - if you wanted to be a server this would be your Everest.

My clothes - going through my addled suitcase, I forgot decent shoes, I packed the worst of my white shirts, the wrong vest... I have to address this, repack, get rid of the extra baggage, going through my suitcase I'm discovering long lost thrifting treasures - a wireless microphone, a pair of Bunsen burners...but the right waistcoat? Nope. The right shoes? Nope. You get it. I could go on.

Still, you have to try - and while I'm not optimistic - I'm appreciative that he took the time to interview me. And I should have known - really - what I was getting myself in to. My bad. 

And laughing to myself - it makes the last fine dining position I had look like McDonald's by comparison.

Afterwards - well, don't hold your breath, and off to circulate another half dozen resumes...

***(Got the call back. Start tomorrow - voluntary Try Out. Fingers crossed.)