Scotland's largest gold nugget found in May. 

Amazing, considering that the country has had thousands of years continuous human occupation and mining.


Note how the "nugget" value and location make it worth about 10 times it's gold value. Also note that it's uncertain whether "Finders Keepers" applies in this situation - no wonder that these treasures are seldom reported.

An interesting Long Read, care of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Which whets ones' appetite for what may be down there...


What is insane is that having found it he can't recover it, and if he could it would very likely be lost to endless litigation by government and corporations that have no more legitimate interest in it than thieves. It underlines why most of the worlds treasures when found go unreported...

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On my list of YouTube recommendations, sometimes it gets it right. 20 minutes of watching somebody unbox a shit-tonne of treasure - some absolutely fantastic finds - including the Digital Bulova Driver, The Vintage Rolex, Hamilton Electric...kinda makes me want to go garage saling real bad. I'm definitely going to check out his shop next time I'm in Edmonton. 

A garage sale in New Denver, nothing of value, then, poking around the garage I found this box:

Which was damned inspiring, filled with old silver and Indian Head pennies, Silver dimes and dollars. 

Predictably it wasn't for sale.