Treasures unboxed this week: 

Playing the "Guess what I have in my hand/found" game here is terrific. 

This was a tough find to top, but I did, a found-art masterpiece that raises so many more questions than it can ever answer:

That is correct. A pepper shaker filled with little pepper packets, one has been opened and stuffed in the top of the shaker. 

This belongs in a museum. 

Meanwhile, the manager is trying to persuade me I'll find far more treasures here in the thrift shop, and I should be filled with FOMO. 

That's a hard "Nope...".

Saturday, first day of garage saleing. My first day, first Saturday with wheels, and I spend the night in town. Up early, first stop, rummage sale at church. 

I'm first in line.

Waiting, waiting...Lxx - local antique dealer and his wife - proprietors of the one and only antique shop in town - are in line. 

This is the competitive edge - if I'm not quick I'll be buying whatever I missed at 10X the price off them...

Anyways, wait, chat, they're pleasant enough, finally - inside:

This is why I came. Running, intermittently, not keeping time - but a vintage Omega for $1.00. Needs servicing - but - it's an Omega. 

Other finds, a vintage Schaeffer Fountain Pen, (with others, 50 Cents), a pound of Lead Free Solder, some bits of Sherman styled jewelry (brooch, earrings) - these for Dag, who will work them into her caps, "Necromicon" - an anthology of Lovecraft, this for Ken. 20 Minutes later I'm done. Lxx's arms are filled with resalable tat, but nothing I wanted, nothing of value...

Now, I really had to talk myself into this garage sale - especially after the 6 months at the thrift shop, unboxing rubbish. It's like I'm standing in line to see a preview of what I'll be unboxing Monday. Really, did I need to see more rubbish?

But I did well, and so it's back to the circuit...

A few more garage sales, nothing of value, then off to work...

An Instagram Account devoted to nothing but thrift shop art treasures (there seems to be a bit of crossover - bad coffee mugs, DVD's, etc. - but the focus is on the Art.).

There's something about Jesus and Princess Diana that - well, it brings out the worst in artists. Or the best. Anyways - a veritable gold mine, and I find much the same DAILY.

Noteworthy: Drag Jesus, Darth Vader & Jesus, Freddie Mercury, The Book on "Setting Realistic Expectations", Kenny Rogers, David Bowie, Jimmie Hendrix, Clowns & Children, I could go on forever. 

Link: Thrift Store Art on Instagram