The lockdown has seen a dearth of garage sales, most "art" is making it's way to the thrift shops. And there was an abundance on the grand tour today: Gaia. I don't know. Trees with roots in water, an owl, girl holding bird, creepy woman spying from the trees. Planet earth in a bird's nest. This painting would definitely benefit from the overpainting of some starships or stormtroopers or something...

The one below, an eagle watching a native man kiss a tree adorned with something. I can't make it out. Eagle feathers drifting down on a sunbeam. Ribbons hanging on a clothesline, a little girl amongst sunflowers gesturing at elder kissing tree, one sunflower appears to be wrapped in a ribbon and looks to be becoming a fairy. This painting could definitely benefit from the addition of Darth Vader standing with a lightsaber awaiting to execute them all before stepping from the canvas and wreaking his righteous wrath upon the artist.

So, two fine examples of "Nelson Art" that really belong in a museum. In more prosperous times I would have bought them, improved them and donated them. Actually, upon second glance there is no improving them. They are plenty enough WTF as is...


And finished each of these. "The Apology Line" Podcast - OK, entertaining, although the narrator began to annoy me towards the end. And 5MEO - well, nothing so boring as watching other people waffle on about their trip, trying to describe what is by it's very nature personal and indescribable. So - overall - both of them get a "Meh...". 

Spotted in a Nelson Thrift Shop. It can hang both ways, depending on how you're feeling...It could be a print (why?) - but I'm hoping it's a one off. Just...why?

So, no surprises, Disney has monetized the hell out of this with a whole slew of new Star Wars min-series coming in the near future. They are sucking the joy out of my childhood. Season 2, well - I can't criticize it - it's clearly aimed at children - young children, under 12's, yet in pursuit of mindless things I sat through it, got "hooked" on the inanity of it all. True to form, at the end of the season they invoke the Gods of Nostalgia, poorly done with bad CGI, but it'll suck in the fans. 

Anyways, it's Disney, it's for kids, it's exactly what you'd get if you crowdsourced a script for a Star Wars Fan Film, what amazes me is how many other adults are being sucked in by it.