So out with the boy on another failed Sunday - Farmer's market for lunch, we try some organic, free range, hormone free burgers. $12.00 per burger, no sides. 

They're shit. Lots of meat, but overcooked, you could get a far, far better burger at Notables or any other fine restaurant served to you, not a mall style kiosk, for far, far less, sides included. I have the feeling of having been ripped off in a big way.

Mini Donuts after, the lady running the mini-donuts stand looks exactly as you'd expect, in that "One for you-One for me" sort of way. Someone in a neighboring kiosk gets her attention, she takes our order (small bag - $5.00), then she turns and ignores us for a few minutes.

I'm getting pissed off, starting to suspect that we just paid her to eat our mini-donuts, and I voice my concerns - perhaps a trifle loudly - to the boy....

...She turns and gives us our donuts with a saccharine smile upon her face. They were being fried fresh, this isn't the comic-con where they're scooped hot - always hot, always in demand...they're delicious, we trade a few for some samples of bacon, together an amazing combination....

Lunch done, we head off to the Archery Lanes in SE Calgary. Deep South East.

Something new, we haven't done this before.

It's busy, surprisingly busy, who would have guessed such a subculture existed? More of a family atmosphere than the gun range, with men, wives, children all taking part in the glorious sport of Archery. There's no hope of us getting a lane today, and nobody to talk to about when is a good time to come. Another long drive for nothing.

While we're there we look at the bows, the merchandise, there's a clearout bin of old VHS "Archery Videos" - "Corn Crazed Does" and "Legends of Old Mossy" - a hundred other titles that are somehow suggestive of ripped off porn classics. Archery porn. 

It's a different world, we've gone far enough outside of our box for the day, "Next Week..." I tell him "Bring your swimsuit and friends and we'll just go swimming. Everyone has fun at the pool...."

For something different I take the boy to a poetry reading. He's never been to one.

It's at the Auburn Saloon, beneath the Calgary Tower, an interesting crowd, poets, poetesses reading their work. And every poem uses the word "Fuck". 

Every single one.

Now I can see using it if the intent were to shock, you don't generally see it spoken aloud in public forums other than by Comedians. It would appear that comedians and Poets have something in common. But, as we listen to more and more of this poetry, the power of "shock" is eroded, it has been overused, shocking, now, would be a poet who got through their work without using it.

The boy, he's not so impressed, not his thing, really, it's really not that interesting, I have to agree, we'll try and attend a poetry slam, where there's a little more audience involvement and the possibility of more interesting, less poetic material.

Now I'd bought myself some hot chocolate discs - premium, at a correspondingly high price, while doing my Xmas shopping, and never gotten around to trying them. So today I brought one in and frothed some milk and stirred it up - chipotle chile & chocolate, a curious combination, but I'm a curious guy.

It was amazing. Not sweet, simply rich, pure chocolate. The best hot chocolate in the world. Now I'm curious to try their other flavours....


In that limbo of decompression between work and vacation I take some time to catch up on my recommended television - the series "Storage Wars" - oft recommended to me by a few people at work. Which is good, in it's fashion, silly characters and some awfully staged looking scenes, still it informs one of the value of things one never would have guessed, and expands one's horizons for searching for treasures...

Favorite character is Barry (by far), who's really into it for the love of the chase, then there's the whipped Jarrod and his whipping wife Brandi, the ass Darrell followed by the complete ass Dave...

Some interesting treasures, amusing viewing, otherwise completely ridiculous and strangely addicting. Inspiring...