Lightly attempted cleaning, merely to see the picture, to little or no success:

The Picture: 

Now it reminds me a bit of "The Gleaning" by Millet - the haystacks as why. The Signature - visible once I cleaned - 


Now - I can't make heads or tails of it. 

The painting, Oil on Panel, mid to late 1800's guessing, found? Dunno, where I find stuff. 12" X 6". Know who it's by? Have the provenance? Let me know...


I'm following this with more interest than any of our own local elections.


It's time. The only real - sincere - candidate for decades. In Canada or the US, and I daresay a lot of Europe. I could have believed Obama, but not after his track record. He was posing. Bloomberg was a demon. Biden - means well, but too centrist. Warren - yes, but she hasn't sparked the popular imagination. 

It amazes me how the Democrats have trenched in behind Biden - and - if it carries on, it will be to their loss, the Donald will win again, and no one, not in the USA, not in the world, can afford another 4 years of that Ass Hole.

Bernie, whose policies would benefit 99% of Americans, has a track record going back 50 years of activism, involvement and integrity - and he has to SELL this to the American Public? It's fucking crazy. It's their last hope at restoring democracy - literally, and it's slender at that - and the Democrats would rather put up with another 4 years of Trump than back someone who they fear is opposed to their graft and interest. 

This will be interesting, and I have a terrible feeling, tragic.

The Life & Art of Charlotte Salomon: