I've had an idea for a new TV Show. The Thrift Shop Roadshow.

The point of it being to stop donors as they're handing off their donations (or "Dumping" as is often the case) and going through their boxes and quizzing them about the items they're donating. 

  • "What is this? Two thirds of a Salad Spinner? Why have you decided to give this up?"
  • "This raku-made-to-look-like-a-rock with 'Believe' on it, you haven't lost your faith, have you?"
  • "3 New Cock Rings? You haven't even tried them on? Were they all too big?"
  • "Did you know you could take these empty soda/beer tins to the bottle depot and get a refund?"
  • "How much do you think we should charge for this 1/2 tin of cat food/3 pretzels/half a ream of coffee filters/stained sofa cushion?"
  • "How did you come by this resin hobo teddy bear? It says it's collectible....are you sure you're ready to give it up?"
  • "When did you stop being the world's greatest Mom/Lover/Dad/Grandmother/Teacher/etc.?" While holding up and reading their coffee mugs...
  • "Eat - Pray - Live - Laugh - Love -..." You no longer need the constant reminders? Do you teach or have a Yoga Studio?"

Anyways, sorting through and quizzing people about their donations would stop a lot of trips to the dump. And save a lot of man-hours rifling through rubbish - it would be doing the whole second-hand business a huge favor...but I don't think it's ever going to happen.