This is infuriating. Banks routinely commit fraud, seizing or freezing the assets of the customers, launder money, etc, etc.

And the Police do nothing. 

Quote Adam Palmer, Vancouver Chief of Police: 'The bank was adamant that a fraud had been committed,' - Walk into a bank and call the police and show them the fraud, service charges, you're illegally frozen bank account after you've declared bankruptcy, etc. that they complete daily. Demand they be arrested. Good fucking luck. When was the last time a police officer read a fucking book? This man should not be a police officer, yet somehow it comes as no surprise that he made it to "Chief". 


I hope the Grandfather & Grandaughter don't settle for anything under the larger 8 figures. As for the police? Arm yourselves. One day...


Who ended up in cuffs there I wonder?

Our track record when it comes to holidays is pretty spotty. Sometimes we close, sometimes we open. When we're open the owner would joke: "Beats staying at home and babysitting..." and laugh, he didn't get that some of us liked our kids and family...

Holidays are usually busy, busy with people that don't value holidays or tipping, cruel to say, but generally immigrant families who don't know how to make a turkey, or don't have space to accommodate them all...they'd usually want to bring their own dessert, and drink water, you could be run off your feet and make what you'd a made on a slow Tuesday or Wednesday lunch.

So we close, the owner's gotten a little more laid back about this holiday stuff, only now instead of working the half day Monday we work the entire rest of the week, doubles every one, no matter how slow or unnecessary we are. And so the long weekend becomes an even longer week...