And, since the advent of Chat GPT I've noticed Google "upping" it's game, to little avail. YouTube for the most part recommends garbage, and my "Personalized" news feed on Google is mostly dubious sources reporting on shit like MMA and Hockey and Basketball, none of which I've ever searched in my entire life.

I notice, however, how well other sites do with their cookies. For example, my "Line drawing in the style of ...." request to Dall-E has resulted in 1stDibs showing me a ton of line drawing prints. I wouldn't think a cookie was set for that, but I'd be wrong. And other queries generate similar things, write a post on my blog and - coincidence by coincidence - there will be something advertised very close to what I searched for, sooner often than later.

If you were superstitious you would think it's magic. It is, it's the magic of AI governing the internet.

Anyways, a long day today bent double in the field picking up mostly nothing and a few good pieces, good to get away from Nelson, but my back is hurting from all that stooped searching and time now to read my book and go to bed...