And, stopping at the Marblehead quarry (in the Meteorite Strewn field, or close enough), reading the graffiti I'm left wondering "Where are they now?". If anybody knows, drop me a line and fill me in...

2017 Tami and Rick 

2017 - Tami and Rick. Still together?

Kimberley and Chuck - Jesus is the Rock

Kim Loves Chuck & They both love Jesus

Kimberley and Chuck. Jesus is the Rock. Still together? From all the accessory graffiti I'm pretty sure that one of them's gonna leave the other for Jesus...

Michelle and DC Talk

Michelle and DC Talk? I'm not too hopeful, sounds like she only got his "DJ" Name...


Amanda & Bradley

Amanda and Braden?

Louis + Tammy TL

TL...does that stand for "True Love"? Is this the same "Tami" that loves Rick?

Brent (or Brenda) & Terry?

Brent (Or Brenda?) & Terry?

Jessica Loves Norman

Jessica loves Norman. No word on how Norman feels about this.

Jerry + Tawny

Jerry & Tawny

Hard not to be in love with someone named Tawny...

Darrell & Stephie 2017

Darrell & Stephie 2017. Somebody forgot their spray can, augers poorly for the relationship.

Dean & Liz

Dean & Liz? Hmmm. I think they were.

Ian + Anna

Ian & Anna.

Will & Tira

2014 - Will & the Graffiti'd underworld of Marblehead that's a long time. Still together?