Rainy day on Kootenay Lake:

Anyways, trying to get into a location to do some prospecting. 4 Trips, always running into snow. Finally, End of June, it should be clear.

Should be. It isn't. This is a major pain in the ass - 1 hour driving pavement, 1 hour on dirt road, another half an hour up a logging road to get to this:

It doesn't look so bad, but there's worse to come. I'm not giving up just yet, but I'll leave the jeep and proceed on foot, until finally:

Yeah. There's not going to be any prospecting done in this. So - next attempt will be August, fingers crossed the snow will be gone.

Meanwhile, stop and do some panning (promising), and take some pictures and smell the flowers. Lots of deer, 3 bears and 1 cub, and a porcupine:

And, finally, the Troll of The Meadows, always meant to stop and get a picture, finally did: