Michael, my partner (thrift shop) has been off the past 2 days. We had made a big dent in the back, and with him gone I make it a full court press. I get 2/3's of the back clear. I mean, it's heads down, don't look up, box after box after mind-numbing box. 

The delivery boys, they're having a laugh, saying I got more done in 2 days than Michael in 18 months. This is somewhat true, but bear in mind that for the people that work there this is as much a socialization as it is a job, much like me in the restaurant. I'm dedicated, head down, hands free. Michael can't go onto the floor without being accosted by locals - with whom he is a bit of a celebrity, being a thespian and all, and having a long history in the town. This eats into his time. And he's forever being accosted. People that want to chat, catch up, place orders, harridans of a certain age that still believe he's an eligible bachelor, etc, etc. 

Anyways, a few photos of the finds of the day and other miscellaneous observations:

Little glass trays. I've suggested to the thrift shop that we should "Stage them" - meaning display them with rolling papers and a bit of sprinkled pot, or mirror them with the mirror paint (apply on the backside), then "Stage them" with a few lines of baking soda and a razor blade, straw.

The charity is a Christian organization, they don't approve, but they'd sell like gangbusters out here if people knew what they could be used for...

A charming bit of vintage kitsch, well done, and I've a mind to throw it into the "Gold Recycle" bin that I haven't laid out. 

Which I should lay out. As you will see why shortly.

Some porcelain, "Made in China" "Collectible" figurines of old-west/Outlaw types playing poker. "Collectible". Not. $20 each.

"Collectible" Resin figurines, also from China, letter of authenticity included, regular retail $30, now yours for a mere $10. Or less. Just fucking take them for Pete's sake. 

A pair of "Love" and "Hope" Coffee (??) mugs. With inscribed quote. Or embossed. With real gold leaf. Or real gold. 

Vintage "Love Grandma" "Love Grandpa" mugs, Grandpa got the flowers, Grandma the mushrooms. Mushrooms and Frogs were the theme of the day, I found a mushroom patch (to be sewn onto clothing), pendant, black velvet "Doodle Art", people out here, they love their mushrooms.

Unboxing, a porcelain flower arrangement, vintage, of the day, nightmare dust accumulator. Small Raku rolling tray. Cardboard bowl filled with "Made in Japan" ceramic porcelain figurines. A fabric wrapped coat hanger, a dirty cloth to wipe the dust off with, a basket, clean, with liner. A metal juice press.

A beautiful gilt gold bowl with butterfly, with 2 gilt cocktail glasses, vintage. 

A blown-glass gilt hummingbird ornament, as-is, one hummingbird has managed to break free...

A nicely gilt ice bowl with a wheat motif.

A jigsaw puzzle, only one piece missing. They show you where. Into the garbage...

 A standard box. Throw away the trash, what do you end up with? A ceramic "rock" that reads "Believe". Did they stop believing I wonder? A dirty bottle topper, frog. 2 porcelain/ceramic angels. A frisbee and two worthless baskets. 


A "Live, Laugh, Love" picture frame, never used. They never are. 2/3rds of a "Salad Spinner". Other Tat. 

Hand Painted wine glasses and a festive beer glass. These will never sell. I put them out nonetheless. 

A full box of shit that must be edited before the remainder is thrown in the 25 Cent Bin. 

So, anyways you get the idea. The "Signal to Noise" ratio is pretty low - an awful lot of rubbish, very little quality. Like 99.3% rubbish. And - Oh, I didn't show you any of the coffee mugs, pots, pans, baking (all unwashed), coffee mugs, ....

So. Getting through it. And all this gilt-edged nonsense - I mean, surely there has to be an ounce per ton? And I'm finding tons...