I'm not kidding. 8 hours, under 60 seconds per scroll, and I'm not done. This just in the 8 weeks I've been back.

Scrolls rolled and tied with lollipops, matchbooks, twine, ribbon, string, tape, aluminum foil, gum, wire, you name it, he's done it. Scrolls containing candy bars, candy, suckers, - and - even money - a $5 bill and a $2 coin so far. And I haven't even been unwrapping them all, there's a big segment that will be unwrapped by posterity. And there are some masterpieces here:

So, to town to buy him some more art supplies, this man is a living treasure. A picture of him on his scooter out delivering happiness to the children of Nelson:

I need to start working on a way to get him his own museum, preferably while he's living. But first to find a place to live and where I can start to unpack all of this...