CHAT GPT (again)

No, I've been working, in the forest, at the gym, no time to play or fuck around on the internet. 

That said, I'd been thinking about the impact it will have on coding - programming, and am pretty sure I know - most IT professionals will be shortly out of work. 

So, talking to an IT guy at work and am not surprised to find he shares my view. And - while he's older, and not too worried, he does realize the immense threat in this. He's surprised by how much most people underestimate it.

Now, my views (Not his):

Coding - AI - will invent, economize it's own code, coding languages, and alphabets. We will become less creators and more consumers. It has long since surpassed our ability to understand how it wins at GO and Chess. In one sense this would be a good thing. My laptop, for example is a perfect example of Code Bloat - 32 GB OS of which I use perhaps 64 Megabytes. And another 500 megabytes free to store my data.

Imagine that it rewrote the Operating System to my needs, and updated itself as my needs changed, and we're already in a much better world. But it's a world we won't be able to reverse engineer or understand, and this puts us in a precarious position of being slaves to technology that we're not able to control.

My Two Bits.

I knew it was going to happen, the logging road, a bit too rough and rutted, and the ladyjeep, well, she isn't making it...bottoming out, and 4 cylinders of fury aren't bringing me any closer to my goal, time to park and get out and walk...

I need a jeep.

Now I had this semi-brilliant idea, or not brilliant at all idea but when does an idea have to be brilliant...

Anyways, I was looking to shop it around, checked out 3M's website


  1. Acceptance of your submission imposes no obligations on 3M, and in particular:
    1. 3M has no obligation to acknowledge or review your submission, or otherwise respond to you in any way regarding your submission,
    2. 3M has no obligation to keep your submission confidential, and may publish or otherwise publicly disclose your submission in any existing or later developed media;
  2. Your submission and its contents  automatically become the property of 3M, without any compensation of any kind owed to you;
  3. 3M may use or redistribute your submission and its contents for any purpose and in any way, including but not limited to using it in new 3M products or services, or to improve existing 3M products or services;
  4. You are authorized to make the submission, and that your submission does not include the confidential information, proprietary know-how, trade secrets, or other intellectual property of any other person or party.

Now, if you had to sum up what was wrong with corporate culture you just do a careful reading of the above...

So I won't be submitting my idea to them, but I'll throw it out into the universe anyways: 

Duct Tape Belts. Given how handy Duct Tape is, and how inconvenient carrying around a roll is, why not simply form duct tape into belts - and, if in a pinch you needed some, you could tear off a precut strip. Or the buckle might conceal a cutter, like tape guns have. Belts might be 10 or 20 ply deep, in a wide array of fashionable colors, and would very much suit the "survivalists" or people who always have a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman on them. Duct tape is handy, but never handy when you really need it. Now it can be. 

Think of the ads - great viral marketing. Couple goes on date. Boring. Belt comes off, and a couple of strips of duct tape (black with a latex finish), date gets interesting...Family goes on vacation...children squalling in the back, out with the duct-tape, happy vacation. And there's more, more, more, Duct Tape - the original utility belt. 

So that's my million dollar idea for the day. I'm throwing it out there. If you make a million off of it make sure you:

  1. Remember you saw it here first
  2. Don't be a 3M. My idea, we can both be rich here.

Looking at my Google News Feed - under science:

Lol. Sorry Google. That's not Science. Nor is it news.