Found these interesting (via reddit): 

I mean, it seems a bit much, having to commit to one thing and one thing only so early in the game....

And the other day, out of the blue, killing time between hangovers, when what should hit me but a trifling epiphany.

That of Jack and the Beanstalk. That Jack makes a bad deal, turns it into an adventure, along the way steals a treasured golden harp in the shape of a woman and barely escapes with his life by chopping down the beanstalk and killing the evil giant.

The Giant, of course, is Jack's father, the beautiful harp is both the muse and libido, and his cutting down the beanstalk is symbolic of him castrating (or chopping down the giant's giant manhood) and his death is taken as the natural succession. Jack has transitioned from childhood or adolescence into manhood, with all the riches required to fulfill his dreams. 

This was ridiculously easy, and I wonder for what reason I thought of it, and - for what reason my mind thought to solve it. 

Therein lies the real question...

(**Note: I mean, I've never thought about this consciously, and so I would quite probably have figured it out. But why I would think about this unconsciously, and solve it....???)

Having heard so much nonsense about artificial sweeteners causing cancer, etc. - always at concentrations that would be impossible to consume - I was curious to read this study:


Which - so sum it up for those too lazy to follow the link, Aspartame use - at much lower than recommended daily allowances - creates long-lasting anxiety in mice. 

As well, that anxiety persists over up to 2 generations (Epigenetic triggers). 

So, time to reconsider my bad habit of diet sodas...

And the last day of my 5 day long stretch, Monday August first, the August Long, the day of stupid money. My first table tips $25 on a $50.00 bill. 

And the day continues in that vein. Dag, $20, the Golfers, $50 in the hand, another couple, 20% on the bill, another $20 in the hand, another single man, $20 in the hand...

This was not all. 

I'm a currency press. 

The whole of the 5 days, the August long weekend, they've been the Mt. Everest for the restaurant, our busiest days of the year, and Monday, this is the Summit.

I make stupid money, which I argue against, but - come Tuesday I discover that stupid money only lightly pushes against the tide of unstoppable bills.