So, in my quest to see all the great westerns, this, yeah, no, more cheese than I could bear.

I mean, really cheesy. 

2 hours of movie leading up to an entirely predictable 3 minute gunfight.

It would be curious to take an audience from the day - 1953, specifically, and show them something a little more contemporary, say "John Wick", which has roughly the same level of emotional involvement but breaks it all up with a bit of action. 

On the plus side I recognized Jack Palance, whom I remember as the stock villain from every childhood movie. Not "Every", but enough. Which made me laugh, he does it well. But all that means is I'm getting old. And the scenery from the Grand Tetons, which I had to Google to confirm, but, yep, that's where it all was shot.

Otherwise, well, you win some, you lose some.