Sunday, Monday, Tuesday the weather is muddled. Thunder, lightening, light rain, downpours.

Sunday, Monday the library is closed, Monday the Gym is closed. 

Tuesday, a nap in the park between showers, after an hour abandoning all efforts, heading back to the car for a better sleep in from the wind and showers, and who should I run into on the edge of Lakeshore Park but Stormy.

He's been let out by his sister. It's been a while, and my guilt about not visiting him has only aggravated my not visiting him. He's not bearing a grudge, and it soon becomes apparent why. 

We're talking, he recognizes me from the restaurant. But he doesn't remember how long it's been we've known one another, and he's guessing 2 years. He doesn't remember my name, and is asking about the town where the restaurant is, and the other place, just up from us..."Ainsworth" I tell him, "...the hot springs..." and he takes a minute to think about it before smiling, that's right.

He's in his second infancy, the days pass and are unmemorable, just a sequence of impressions, memory has abandoned him. 

It's good to see him, even like this, he's gotten a new set of false teeth, last week, he shows me, they pulled the last of his top teeth (tooth?) and replaced it with a nice line of dentures. He's happy enough, tells me where he's living and to come & visit him. He's too young to be this far gone, but, so it goes, and I can't take more of an interest in his health than he does himself. Eventually, visit done, load him into the car, his wheelchair into the back, and he's back to the home.