Kelowna, again, a last minute deal with JR gives me his car, and I'm off.

9:00 leaving Balfour after work, a 4 1/2 hour drive and I'm there, on the outskirts of Kelowna. 

The drive, deer, coyotes on the highway, careful careful, a pleasant night with tunes of my own choosing bluetoothed onto the stereo (and I need to download more, my playlist not nearly varied enough), the back, the smell of wet dogs, but spacious enough to spread out.

I need a car like this. A car with a working muffler / speakers / doors / windows / transmission...

A car that goes places.

Monday, the Dentist/Periodontist for a thorough deep clean. Topical anesthesia, then lie back for 2 hours while the ultrasound whines in your ears, and then the pounding, pulling, scraping of the deep clean. I feel nothing. 

Trying to move, mentally, into a happy place I fail. Instead I end up in a hypnopompic fugue, where ideas and images just wander in and out of my consciousness. 

SO many of these thoughts are of a character that I'd never consider, considered, so random and unrelated that I'm forced again to consider the idea that thoughts - ideas, consciousness - are not local to our brain, rather, our mind is attuned to a certain frequency - by our thinking, diet, company and conversation, by our habits, and we receive therefore only those ideas we can decipher or understand.

Because - really, the stray corners my mind was wandering in, there was no explaining. Much like "Brazil" where at the end the Dentist "loses" his "patient" I was off and wandering Elysian fields.

Mondays appointment done I spend the rest of the day exploring Kelowna. Hit up a few thrift shops, consider getting a hotel - but - the dentist, more expensive than I'd planned, and I'm calling in loans, there is no money to be spent on hotels this trip. 

Tuesday, loans in, explore a few more thrift shops, antique shops, traverse the corridor from Penticton to Kelowna, but - while there are a few treasures, really, I need nothing, and I'm just killing time before the second half of my appointment. 

I notice, am appalled, at the state of homelessness in Kelowna. Shopping Carts, piles of rubbish, sketchy people everywhere. But, look past the strip malls and it's quite pretty, only impossible to really appreciate given my budget and the character of this trip.

Afternoon, finish appointment, another two hours in the chair, the same, drifting aimlessly through a field of ideas not my own, and then I'm free, off, back to Nelson, pouring diet coke all down my shirt because my face is so numb I can't feel my lips to make a seal around the coke bottle...

Now, back to work, there are a great many bills to be paid...

And, another childhood memory from when Kelowna was still an interesting place, "Bedrock City", which we drove past (but never stopped in), modelled after "The Flinstones", concrete volcanoes, dinosaurs, rides like the log ride (on a painted blue sluice filled with water). 

Long gone.


Stumbled across this, probably good that I didn't know about it while I lived there...

Link: The Atlantis Bookshop

On this side of the world there's always 


Frankly there's nothing better than a used bookstore or old curiosity shop, and to find a bookstore that specializes in my more esoteric/preposterous beliefs and reading is - well, I'd be there far too much I'm sure.

There are plenty more, but I'll let you discover them on your own. 


I can't mention the name of it, don't want to get Chris fired, but it's an imposing estate with grounds, an impressive provenance, and Chris wanted to give me a tour while the owners are away...

And so - well. Things are not as they appear. From the outside it wouldn't be in the least out of place in Upstate NY or anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard, a wealthy mans palace. But enter it, and so ramshackle is the furniture, "art" - most of it poor reproductions that would have cost more than the originals, bad prints, carpets, light fixtures. 

It was, top to bottom - at it's best disappointing, at it's worst, well...

And I appreciate the tour, Chris, he's the groundskeeper Willy for this place - but - appearances have been most deceiving and it needs substantial renovations to restore it to it's former glory. Owned by Albertans, furnished by Albertans, to dismal effect.