By the same producers as "ALONE" I was induced to watch this by a friend. (Note: Jason Bateman as Producer?)

Now - In the beginning I was loving this. 8 episodes - the premise is that 16 people - "survivalists" or "outdoors men" or "marines", standard solo people would be forced to form four teams (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta) - and the team that survived the longest would win $1,000,000. 

The catch was they had to survive as a team.

Now - I've talked a lot before about "Alone" - which I loved - primarily because while it on the surface showed people "battling" nature - a curious way of describing our relation to it - the battle in the end was always with themselves. Nature - in most of the seasons I watched excepting the one set in Slave Lake - is abundant, and the climate and "perils" the contestants faced were somewhat exaggerated.

This is a different twist. 

There is still the overpumping of the perils - the cold (It's on the coast of Alaska, and so while there's snow and below zero temperatures it's not -40), the bears (you need respect, not fear), etc.

What you soon realize is that most of the contestants have but little experience, that beards do not make a woodsman, and that the perils they faced are the merest fraction of what the early Victorian explorers went through - women and man, comparatively they have it ridiculously easy. 

We are, as a race, and a society sadly declining. 

 Now, the read-more as there are spoilers ahead. You've been warned:

4 Days of this see 4 people gone. 

Young ones, old ones, and then by episode 5 it gets "interesting" - if that is the word, because in that episode I realized I was watching "The Hunger Games". 

Team Alpha, comprised of Justin, Jill and Amber - has the idea (Jill's idea, actually) that they should steal Team Delta's sleeping bags and force them out of the game.

There is no rule, of course, prohibiting this, - but - but. 

You know.

And so Justin gets on his raft and executes the plan, and the next couple of nights the two remaining members of Delta are subject to the elements. 

One of the two remaining members of team Bravo one is so morally offended that he quits the game, leaving only Javier, a quiet and capable man who now needs a team. 

So he offers to join Team Delta - and they accept him (or they decide to join him on his side of the river) - and while this is under way Team Alpha, or Team Sociopathic Women begin to try and raid his camp - and not succeeding go and sabotage his raft.

The two from Team Delta see all this and decide simply to give up. This is not in the code for the game - there are no rules against it, but - how to compete with this when you're not a sociopath?

Javier is left now all alone, and has to make a last ditch effort to join team Charlie. But Team Charlie is not having him - they don't want to incur the wrath of Team Psychopath. 

Now - we have 3 levels of Morality in the Game. 

#1 - People that will quit the game when they find out how savagely it can be played, they don't want to compromise their moral compass.

#2 - 1 Person with integrity that want's to avenge the thefts and loss of his teammates occasioned by the sociopaths actions, and prove that light triumphs over darkness.

#3 - The indifferent bystanders, who agree it was a terrible thing - but as it didn't happen to them they'll look the other way.

#4 - The sociopaths - Justin and the Sisterhood of Jill and Amber.

Now, after Javier left my interest flagged. I mean, I have PTSD from dealing with women like that, and this was not easy to watch. 

And I would like to have seen Javier given the chance to avenge this treachery. But - it didn't work out that way. 

But - it is a curious mirror to our society, albeit dark - that people can simply watch a terrible thing unfold and allow it to happen because they think it might profit them, and yet at the same time hold to their "Values" or "Morality" - there's a quality of Moral Imbecile that has become far too commonplace and acceptable. 

It tells me we're damned. We are damned, and - I have this uneasy feeling that by watching it I was somehow an accomplice to some very bad things. And I hope - someone - somewhere - when Team Psychopath got back to civilization - treats them as they deserve to be treated.