Now this was good, not because I know anything about Mr. Beast other than he's somewhat popular, but it does make some good arguments regarding his rather baleful influence. The opening claim of "Watched 1000 Hours SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO" impressed me, and it articulated a few things I've long realized to be true and recognized in myself, and hopefully should force me to act in a manner a little more in line with my integrity. 

Now - while this video takes issue with the inanity of Mr Beast and the final summing up of how many years humanity has spent watching him count (1 inane video - 102 - YEARS!!! - imagine the sum of all his videos taken together). While I agree with the "Turn Away and give it none of your attention" philosophy, whether you watch him or not - he's symptomatic of a very much larger problem - this theft of our attention takes us away from people, humanity, community - and - were we all to do something with the time we waste on this nonsense we'd get - individually - great things done - as a society we'd be building pyramids daily. 

Think of how much time we waste upon the internet, Facebook, Reddit - 99.9998 of any time spent there is wasted. The same with Instagram, Tik-Tok, etcetera. And the algorithms are designed to keep us "engaged" - although, in reality, they're keeping us stunned and numb when we should be righteously morally enraged at the antics of these "influencers", "Content Creators", etc. 

Don't get me wrong, the internet can still be an interesting place - if you go there with something in mind. Go there looking to fill your head or waste some time and it will too readily oblige with the worst of all possible content.