Meh, every time I take a screenshot of some absurdity to share Facebook thinks I'm loving it and feeds me more.

Maybe I do. These are interesting times, for sure. 

Anyways, some more "Dream Homes" and doubtless endangered birds that Facebook wants to use to engage me.

Now, worth noticing, how frequently these posts show up, Sabina Catour (above) if you look at her profile posts every hour. 

If she's real. 

Which I doubt, I'm more of a mind to believe she's a bot that simply creates Midjourney images and posts them to Facebook, and promote those that do well.

There is no need for any human intervention, merely keep your visitors engaged.

On that note, noticing the title of the AI app - "Midjourney" - and this is where it's going - what, then, in the end, is the destination?

Meanwhile, enjoy these completely realistic renderings of endangered birds.