Not nearly as attractive as other gems & treasures featured here, but with a curious and cursed provenance.


Apparently a gift from Caligula to Caesonia, his fourth wife. Admire the detail, carved out of sapphire, second only to diamond in hardness.


Without a doubt the least tempting "Free Thing" I've seen in the Kootenays. Which goes to show the lengths people will (and will not) go to to get rid of their trash.

I mean, not really a "Treasure" per-se, but in one box of donations found an intact, original box of Kleenex. With Kleenex still in it. It's like the guy bought it and developed some sort of lifetime immunity to runny noses...

On a side note, while the vast majority of donations are boring, china, cups, plates, etc, they not infrequently come wrapped in vintage newspapers from the day - 30's, 40's, and onward. Which keeps things interesting...